Hire Education that makes the ultimate journey through academics a more meaningful one – that is the idea behind Edumate

At a time when the world’s largest democracy with the youngest population is challenged with unemployment at its peak since it’s independence coupled by an unpredictability post Covid environment which promises to replace two out of every three conventional jobs with new ones, choice of higher education subjects, career paths and aligning job opportunities with individual passions and abilities, makes the situation for the high school student in India a very knotty one. Edumate works to untie this.

Through its portal, Edumate has created a unique platform that brings together all opinions, resources, news reports and stakeholders in the field of education, in India and abroad. You can tap into education-based editorial content that is updated on a day to day basis, along with front row seats to discussions and webinars featuring the finest minds in the field of education. The Edumate experience is one that helps you understand how education is evolving in India and around the globe. With the latest news, we are also committed to creating content that would serve as guides and resources for students and educators alike.

Here is what we do, in a nutshell:

  • Shine the spotlight on path-breaking practices and policies in education with state of the art content and regular webinars;
  • Give educators a platform where they can voice their opinions and thoughts with our articles and webinars;
  • Create a resource base that would guide educators and students as they navigate the evolving waves in this field;
  • Tackle wide-ranging topics from the New Normal to the Digital Divide as well as the National Education Policy;
  • Sharing information and practices from institutions across the country and from foreign shores too;
  • Create a collaboration of voices that can shape the world of education in India;
  • Bring stakeholders in the field together for an understanding of and affinity towards best practices;
  • Find a basis to connect students with educators for better understanding of the future of numerous niches and fields of study;
  • Create action-based campaigns based on the latest news from the world of education, with content shared on the portal, via webinars and our social media pages.

About the Founder

Chetan Sharma can best be described as a thought leader immersed in turnaround strategy, with a strong public speaking role.

Major Roles

A career spanning 3 decades has seen the prolific coach and media personality, Chetan Sharma, dabbling in a number of roles including business, finance, event management and much more. Whether it has included logging and reporting stories in the top media houses like NDTV, CNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, and many more, he is also a US accredited business coach.

A Media Icon

Not only has Chetan Sharma added much value to national and international media houses, but he has also infused confidence and energy by decoding and imparting the precious philosophies demonstrated by business leaders across the country.

With a silver jubilee in the world of media, he has won a national award for his interview with PM Narendra Modi, while he has been lauded for his interviews with personalities like Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Queen Maxima, Ratan Tata, and many others. Needless to say, his byline has added much value to the ongoings at media houses like NDTV, India Today, Aaj Tak, Zee, and many others.

His role in public speaking is one that has taken him to many global events as a moderator and keynote speaker at over 300 events, even as he was awarded the Best Anchor Award for the year 2011.

The Serial Entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur since 1995 when he turned a family-owned, single manufacturing unit into a diversified B2C company, he has heavily invested his efforts and resources in a number of industries from education to hospitality and even fashion, travel and advertising. With the Ahead Media Group, he hopes to create a media house that truly makes a difference.

Education and Media: A One of a Kind Venture

Chetan Sharma has now trained his sights on making a difference in the world of education with Edumate TV – a cause and a necessity close to his heart. He has poured his energy and resources into building platforms that host educators for well put together webinars. Further, his editorial team creates path-breaking insights and resources for the portals.