The nail biting experience for waiting for a page to refresh so that you can check your results. The prospect of elearning full time as opposed to going to a classroom. Times have slowly but surely changed. And when it comes to Indian portals that offer you a number of options from exams, to results and even classes, times have suddenly changes thanks to the COVID 19 situation. Technology has brought us close to books and education and broken our minds in regard to schooling and teaching system. Even in this pandemic, where everything is nearly shut and schools, institutions and universities are hard to reach, education is one thing that is made available online. There are numerous Indian portals that help you choose the best suitable course for you, suiting your education and professional qualifications. Courses in India can be found through many online portals like This website provides recent information regarding the civil exam dates, banking examination dates as well as helps to simplify the course material. It provides aspiring candidates with syllabus material for their easy learning and wider understanding. is also an upcoming Indian portal that reports on all things that have to do with studying in India and abroad. is another one of the well known Indian portals on education, exams and results, that helps students through preparation and also sites examination papers for students so that they can get through preparations. Some of them also provide free scholarship to those who perform exceedingly well in routine tests and exams.  If one has many doubts and questions about the new upcoming courses, how to prepare for certain exams, what’s the syllabus of certain exams, and more, they should approach We often see student struggling to pass in boards and this is one of the Indian portals that provides students with class notes, question papers and guidance. helps CBSE and ICSE students will full course material and educational guidance with recruitment updates. It helps aspiring 12th pass outs to get informed about jobs and various job opportunities.

Varied sites like the and help students go through board examinations with ease and a number of resources. These sites provide with learning audio-visual modules and helping materials for students if all boards. Such Indian portals are available in both android and iOS systems.

Sites like the and mingle provide vast information regarding upcoming Indian courses and exams like the CAT, CLAT, MAT among others. They make the audience aware about the upcoming competitive exams and course. These Indian portals not only remind the students about courses but also helps them with numerous resources. With proper guidance, these forums answer queries and accept doubts from students anytime anywhere.

There are many Indian portals that help students choose appropriate courses and also helps them through it. helps students by providing them with mock tests and other recruitment offers. Students these days have a wide range of subjects and courses to choose from various available course. Not only Indian courses but study abroad as well. Sites like helps the student choose courses that are delivered abroad and also aim to promote courses abroad.

Not only international universities, but these sites offer great opportunities in terms of various Indian courses as well as recruitment alternatives. Students these days get very good vacancies through online admissions and job portals. These sites guide children and students through a difficult selection process. Indian courses can be prepared for through various online portals. Internet education helps connecting large audience with universities, institutions and these Indian portals helps the wider audience tap into world-class opportunities.

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