The perfect job right after college seems to be the urban legend that we are all busy chasing. And it’s that time of the year again! All the recent college graduates have passed out of college even though the results are still awaited, and now will be looking out for jobs, in their respective fields they wish to go in for. In today’s age when any individual tries to get in the workforce, a lot of them do not realize that a lot has changed since the time their parents applied for their first job years ago. The life skills and the kind of degree you need today have changed entirely. Although, in today’s day and age the number of fields for jobs is numerous but so is the competition. It is sometimes very hard to land in the right job you always wanted to, especially after graduation. Since a lot of companies do not take freshers, it becomes difficult for the recent graduates.

There are a few steps before you step up in this world of employment. These steps will help you get the perfect job right after college. Whether you’re trying to find your first job or looking for a part time work like internship, knowing the strategies and the right tools can get you on track towards bagging your dream job.

The perfect foundation

The first step begins with your resume. You will have to put your resume out there on various portals so that the hiring agencies will be able to shortlist you as well. It is your duty to give them a hirable person behind that Google search. When they search about you, you need to make sure that they find a clean, respectable online presence. Your social media or platforms that illustrates you professionally shows the kind of industry you are interested in.

Research about the job that fits your passion and your skill

Your mission should be to leave no possibility unturned by exploring all the major employment sources. At this point you should be asking, talking and researching about anyone or anything that falls in your niche or profession. Attending career fairs helps a lot. Make sure you talk to your friends in your field. Meet-ups with the special-interest group is a dominant force that can help you immensely. The other ways to seek avenues for your passion are: the career centre, cold calling and last but not the least, classified ads.

Impressive resume

Now that you found the job you want to get into, the next step will be to write a great resume. You need to make sure they know enough about you but would want to know more about you and your passion. Presenting an impressive resume will make sure your name stays on the top of the lot while shortlisting. Make your resume look like a trailer of your life.

Write a mind-blowing cover letter

Around 60% of the companies reject the candidate because they do not have a cover letter attached to their resumes. A cover letter should be explaining why you in particular are a good candidate for the given job and company. But that does not mean that you use flowery language and butter them up. Be succinct and keep it to one page. Writing a good cover letter and attaching it to your resume shows that you are organized.

Grab your opportunity

People do not get hired simply for their resumes – they get hired for their performance and the interviews. An interviewer will judge your interpersonal skills, dedication, curiosity, and enthusiasm. While getting ready for your interview make sure you research the company thoroughly. Be ready to sell your self when they are hiring. One important thing to keep in mind is to have your questions ready as well. Asking questions will show that you have been listening to them carefully and you are a great listener.

Don’t forget the basics

  • Dress appropriately. A classic suit is always a safe bet.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Don’t fidget.
  • Thank them when you leave!

“A lot of people approach the job search as something that’s going to be a horrible undertaking,” says Pollock. “People who do best approach it positively—as a world of possibilities—and they’re going to find a job that’s exciting for them.”