Freelance jobs seem to having their day in the Sun with the pandemic that has gripped the globe. The new reality thanks to the COVID 19 situation is working remotely. With a global lock down enforced in varying rates in various countries, companies and offices have shut their doors. While many have shut shops and others have reduced their workforce and even introduced pay cuts, there are companies that are now looking at remote working. This has created many opportunities for freelancers since freelance jobs have now increased.

So far, in the grand scheme of things, admitting to the use of freelancers may have seemed unfashionable, for many companies. But all that is changing. With well known market leaders like Twitter, Facebook, Shopify and others offering its employees the option to permanently work from home, the post COVID 19 world looks very different. Remote work is the new norm, and hiring freelancers is now more acceptable. The gig economy is on the rise and many freelance jobs have thus been created.

Hiring remote workers on a project wise basis has also seen an upswing as companies are now looking to cut costs. And when cost cutting springs to mind, the first area that suffers is the human element. Companies and their trusty HR managers usually look at layoffs so that they do not liabilities on their payroll during a recessive economy. Yet, the work also must be done as and when a client demands it, even if the number of clients and demand dip. This is where contractural or freelance jobs step in, to save the day.

The good news is that if you have the right skill sets, there are many freelance marketplaces where you can find jobs for a number of niches. Graphic designing, writing and editing, coding, programming, virtual assistant gigs and so many more opportunities can easily be found on a number of portals online. You can easily sign up on these portals and create a profile so that you can start bidding for jobs. As per a report by well known freelance jobs portal, Upwork, the human force of most companies is set to see a drastic shift shift in its structuring and you would do well to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible so that you catch the best opportunities. Here’s how you can benefit from this trend of tapping into freelance jobs:

  • Flexibility to work from home: Now, this is a flexibility we would all like to exercise. Who would not want to cut that morning commute and get straight to work (even if it’s in your pajamas?) You can easily bring your mug of coffee straight from the kitchen to your desk and start your work day without much ado!
  • Upskilling: One major demand of constantly scoring the right freelance jobs or gigs is to constantly brush up on your skill level and bring in new skills to tap into new opportunities. For many people, this would work out well since its cuts out the monotony of the same kind of position and growth can be that much faster – along with elevated job satisfaction! There are a number of portals available with free courses and other resources to help you prep.
  • Diverse activities: With freelance jobs, you can find something new to do almost every week or month which also gives you a sense of freedom to choose and exercise your own creativity. This will also give you something to look forward to, on a constant basis and you will not be chained to the same job profile as you can experiment and step out of your comfort zone more often (even though, ironically, you are working from home)!
  • Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills: With freelance jobs, you have to scout for those opportunities and then make a pitch. This will sharpen a go getter attitude and bring out some added entrepreneurial zeal in you!
  • Travel as much and as often: Once the pandemic crisis is over, you can actually travel and stay anywhere since freelance jobs can be done from anywhere in the world. This is one major benefit that freelancers have been able to tap into!


So, if you are looking to get on the freelance train, this might just be your chance!


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