MBA entrance exam preparation is certifiably not a day’s job and requires long hours, hard work, and determination. Out of all the management entrance exams, CAT is one of the most difficult series of tests to get ready for. IIM entrance is tough and none needs to be engaged. For CAT – IIM entrance preparations, students prefer specialized training classes. For MBA test preparation, one needs to embrace the technique that empowers you to gather knowledge and speed abilities without letting go of accuracy and rational thinking. Aspiring for IIM entrance exam during your graduation is great, at least you know what you want to do in life, which is a great step in terms of success. This can easily help you focus on the right subjects during your undergrad degree so that you are well prepared even before you begin to prepare for the IIM entrance exam.

Below are some facts and qualities any IIM aspirant should look for if you want to be a part of IIMs. If you are going to start your life in college, you have a lot of time to develop the below mentioned qualities and attributes. Let’s see how we can go about it:

Stellar Academic Record
Most likely the IIMs preferably give weightage to the last academic record. You will be marked based on your 10th, 12th, and graduation marks. It becomes very important to keep up with your academics. Your 10th and 12th may already be over but you do have your graduation in your hands. You should attempt to get the best possible marks to make an impression.

Aptitude test
It is said that CAT checks the mental ability of the students. They preferably see their mental ability more than their knowledge. It is not necessary for you to slog your entire day and night and drown yourself in studying. But it is necessary to improve the mental ability, comprehension, and the speed of your reading.

Personality test
The personality test is taken and checked through a personal interview. While the personal interview, your communication skills and your confidence in conversing are seen. To develop these attributes, debating with a friend in English can help and go a long way. Reading extensively can help to build vocabulary. To build the confidence you can either make videos on Youtube or give answers on Quora. Participating in table talk seminars will help boost your confidence. Work a lot to improve your communication skill and to express your ideas in better ways. Watching a lot of good English movies can help too immensely.

Extra-curricular activities and internships
Doing things that you genuinely love should be pursued. It might be painting, dancing, playing a sport or any other game for that matter, always do it by giving your best. If ever it is possible for you, participate in different competitions, or state level or national level championships. A lot of IIM graduates have an extra-curricular activity in which they excel. Getting internships is another great way to enhance your profile. Applying to different fields for internship helps you get to know what exactly you are in for plus a lot of interviews help you boost your confidence for future interviews.

Come what may, you should keep your progress in check. At any given point if you feel things are not going as per your plan, never fear a change or adjustment in terms of your approach towards your IIM entrance exam.

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