The controversy of language in India is nothing old. Almost, a decade has passed but the pride of language, region, caste and creed has created some major riots in India. The tribal languages have been facing threat as it struggles to find existence. Most of the tribal languages are in the verge of extinction as they have got no recognition. The government has been taking steps to restore and preserve the culture and languages of Tribe. The invasion of English amongst the minds of people has certainly reflected the dominance of English and the preference of western language over others. The tussle between North India and South India over language has been on the air in the past few days. The introduction of National Education Policy 2020 has created a strong impact and the south Indians have been reluctant to adopt Hindi, a sign of the Western dominance over South India. Still, we celebrate the diversity of languages in India. How contrary the situation can be? Amongst all these chaos, the Union Cabinet has notified some changes in the official languages of Jammu and Kashmir (J & K). In the Jammu and Kashmir official language Bill, 2020 some-more languages have been added along with the existing languages. Earlier, it has been stated that Urdu and English were the two official languages of Jammu and Kashmir (J & K). As per the recent changes, Dogri, Kashmiri and Hindi were added along with the existing language. As soon as the changes were made, the University of Jammu decided to open up a centre of excellence in the Dogri language.

What is Jammu and Kashmir (J & K) Official Language Bill, 2020?

Earlier, English and Urdu were considered as the official languages of Jammu and Kashmir (J & K). Presently, Kashmiri, Hindi and Dogri language have been added along. Also, the 92nd Amendment Act, 2003 has added language of Dogri to the Scheduled Language under the 8Th Schedule. It has provided a genesis to the long unfulfilled demand of the region. The public wanted a separate region but the government has not been listening or addressing such demands wholeheartedly.

History of Dogri Language

It has been told that history provides a better picture of India. In 1889, a Dogra ruler name Pratap Singh had replaced Persian and adopted Urdu as an official language in Jammu and Kashmir (J & K). The Persian language was spoken in Jammu and Kashmir (J & K) but Urdu later came into existence. Initially, Urdu and Kashmiri were the regional languages.

Dogri Language at Jammu university

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Jammu, Prof Manoj K Dhar provided some details on some changes and decisions that had been taken in the 86th University Council Meeting. The Lt. Governor of Jammu and Kashmir (J & K) and Chancellor of Jammu University, Manoj Sinha chaired the meeting at Raj Bhawan, Jammu. Prof Manoj K Dhar from Jammu University said that the importance of Dogri language must never be forgotten. The history of Dogri language is associated with the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The promotion of Dogri language amongst the youth is important as the youngsters must learn the history and culture of their own state. The translation of the existing works is to be available in the other language and the promotion of culture, tradition and respect is inevitable. The people must not feel unprivileged and deprived of their rich history.

Additionally, MP Congress, Manish Tiwari has demanded to add Punjabi as an official language of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Since Punjabi is widely spoken in the state; the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) must recognize Punjabi in the Jammu and Kashmir Official Language Bill, 2020. He has demanded the Union Cabinet add the Punjabi Language along with Hindi, Dogri, Kashmiri, Urdu and English. Many people in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) speak Punjabi so it must be added with other official languages.

Some other steps to be taken in the premise of Jammu University

The University of Jammu has decided to open up some new courses. The Department of Journalism and Mass Media, 2 years of executive MBA Program, Diploma in Museology and Archeology along with the Department of Philosophy are to be opened up soon. The University has decided to increase the number of teachers looking into the present scenario. The teachers would be allowed to take part in the research work and would be awarded as PhD. The university has approved the College teachers to work as Supervisors/ invigilators as per the University Grant Commission norms.

Prof Manoj K Dhar of Jammu University has recommended that the university would adopt the best methods of teaching along with the regular way of faulty teaching procedure. The University would try to establish different methods of teaching and would take its first step towards the implementation of National Education Policy 2020.



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