The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE has commenced pre-exam psychological counselling session for students of class X and XII. This is due to the undue stress being caused by the delay and uncertainty around the actual date of the board exams that had to be rescheduled for July even as parents of the students have petitioned in the Supreme Court to keep the exams from happening. This has been done to avoid the risk of contracting the virus. Psychological counselling helps students dealing with physical, emotional or any sort of mental health issues. These sessions are taken by educated professors and psychologists to help students alleviate feelings of distress and untangle crisis. Social media has been a great platform to resolve such emerging issues. YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are being used to give CBSE students appearing for board exams India annual counselling sessions. The panel includes principals of various renowned schools, colleges and universities, professors from foreign lands have also initiated to assist youngsters and juveniles at this stage. These online counselling sessions are available for both parents and board exam India students via a cost-free system called IVRS; interactive voice response, and also via telephone on a toll-free number 1800118004. Since these webinars are free of cost they can reach out to a larger audience and can prove to be beneficial to many.

Apart from these psychological counselling through IVRS, social media is also used as a medium of conveying information. YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are utilized for this outreach. Students are equipped with audio-visual content via YouTube to enhance their understanding and knowledge apart from the dedicated call counselling session. Board exams India creates an atmosphere of tension and anxiety among students in turn pressurizing them. Such situations should be handled with care and be remedied on time or else they can result in severe anxiety and unwanted distress. Students largely conduct suicides under high pressure of public examination and so we need to pacify them with confidence and right guidance. Youth is the future of the nation and giving them reasonable education and room is the need of the hour. The central board of education was forced to reduce the passing criteria as well add on many more optional questions the question paper.

Board exams India has developed an overview of how they can understand the student’s point of view and have also worked on their education system thereby. They have reduced their question complexity and introducing fifteen minutes of reading time without reducing the time of answering other questions. Board Exams in India burden students with a lot of anxiety and pressure further leading to increased depression cases. Psychological counselling in your native language with portals like these, helps students to get refuge from unusual tension and apprehension. These sessions help students and parents to fight mental health problems and strengthen their will power to fight such circumstances. Make sure you stay prepared with the wealth of free study material available online so that it distracts you from your worries. 

The need for psychological counselling is to ensure that students understand their priorities. Students need to understand that examinations are just a stepping stone towards the bright future that awaits them. These small hurdles should not be their petty reason to end life and put a full stop on their ambitions. Parents should help their children in difficult moods and moreover be enthusiastic about their lads progress. CBSE has recognised the need of the hour and initiates psychological counselling sessions for the betterment of students and their families. Thus, more than 95 counsellors volunteer for board exams India to help youngsters at this phase.

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    June 16, 2020 at 12:45 pm

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