The country has moved into the fourth phase of the pandemic and in a move that will help look at more positive days, a decision has been taken to reopen schools. Schools and universities have been shut for a while now, but it can’t be so for any longer, as per a number of education ministers. Conditions are their worst all over the country yet South Indian states have made few judgments regarding the decision to reopen schools as soon as possible. While many parents have come together to file a petition in the Supreme Court to contest the decision to have the board exams in July, the decision to reopen schools in South India is being seen as positive development.

The fourth lockdown brought with it few rules with quite a relaxed aura.  Kolkata pleas to the high court to exempts students from gathering back since students below the age of 12 are more prone to get infected by the COVID 19.  Whereby, Tamil Nadu has recommended that one can reopen schools after the 1st of July. The state also spoke of beginning lower KG to 12th standard classes on alternative days. Starting schools will be in the responsibility of maintaining high sensitization and health care practices. Private institutions proposed their ideas to the committee and also asked for a few directions regarding conserving the quality of studies while being stabbed by the very pandemic.  Many institutions and schools are allowed to open up by the 1 July, the students will be called on alternate days in groups of 10 to 15 to follow social distancing norms, but only if the coronavirus cases are in control. If the situation is awful, schools will have to continue with online classes.

To reopen schools, the school authorities also mentioned that medical certification for every student will be mandatory and that social distancing will be practiced in school vehicles also. Also, if the Maharashtra model to reopen schools is followed, then staggered attendance in shifts can also take place. Medical check-ups will also be added as a monthly routine to avoid any infection from further spreading. The states all set to reopen schools wherever the condition is stable and under control would have to consider whether or not the schools present red zones could be started a month later said the government of Tamil Nadu. South India seems to be extremely eager to reopen schools and colleges as well, in spite of the deadly virus and the infection rates.

Schools were requested not to increase their academic fee for the current year since the pandemic has washed out the economic stability as well. The government furthermore is expected to support private institutions by providing them with hand sanitizers, medical assistance and disinfecting the school once every week to avoid any further spread of this deadly virus. If states are to reopen schools, it can prove to be of major danger to the youth as well as educated professionals – this is what one section of people say. The infection can spread from one child coming from one home with an infected individual, and go on to infect a huge population of innocent children. The government should deeply look into the matter before passing the final judgement. So as the report says, the reopening of Tamil Nadu state board schools is delayed by a mere lapse of one month giving some time for printing of books, reissuing of uniforms and commence examinations.

COVID 19 has not only shut down schools, but has also delayed the board exams. Universities and colleges are struggling to meet their academic deadlines by taking classes and sessions online. The school reopening still relies on the uncertain conditions of the Corona Virus. In such a situation, any move to reopen schools can be seen as one that would have been taken only after due diligence has been accorded. This is also a move that shows people that things may be looking up, since India’s rate of recovery is now officially higher than the rate of infection. 

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