A special registration drive held by the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains) usually held in May, received applications from about 200000 students from all over India who have held off on their plans to study abroad India. With COVID 19 baffling the foreign universities, many aspiring engineers see themselves abandoned academically. And so, JEE Mains seems to be the best option right here at home, in India. The union human resource department stated that a very large number of parents and students have sent in requests for admissions amidst the deadline. It is ample clear that the JEE Mains have been given priority over admissions in universities abroad, thanks to the pandemic situation and the sheer uncertainty of it all.

This has certainly delighted officials and colleges as many aspiring students want to get into provincial colleges and universities and given up the option of studying abroad in favour of giving JEE Mains to remain in India instead. NTA director stated that by this time students would have already finalized their courses COVID 19 situations were a bit sluggish in the start and the students assumed that they could begin their higher studies by September of 2020. But now they prefer enrolling into engineering schools in India itself and so the opportunity to register into JEE Mains was opened all over again. Such a unique situation made authorities reconsider happily since more students will pass out from their own country, that is India. This also gives the country an opportunity to save its foreign exchange. In fact, a number of resources and portals have also made free study material available online so that students can also prepare for these kinds of exams that have a lot of competition involved. Find a list of these resources right here!

JEE Mains will be conducted by July in two slots. Officials mention that proper sanitation facilities will be availed to ensure that students are protected and are safe while attending the big-ticket examination. A professional team is consulted to take proper precautions from the time of entry to the time of exit of the applicant. Studying abroad has been a major option for lot many students pursuing engineering or any other higher studies. Students having high hopes regarding studying abroad have got devastated when the pandemic hit the world – which also leaves us all exposed to the threat of the pandemic if we travel abroad.

Aspirations and dreams have to settle and students have to adjust as per the conditions that crashed the planet. JEE Mains has made efforts to utilize the unused computers to carry forward the next shift of exams. As per the planning, students will be made to sit in alternative terminals to maintain security and safety for one and all. A comprehensive plan is designed for the sanitization of students, premises and even computers. The pandemic has sent the world and the academic institutions into an upheaval of sorts.  College admissions have always been a difficult process and this year that’s been a major difficulty. Even class 12th students have their papers awaiting which because of this pandemic could not be held in time.

The most inconvenient aspect was that this scheme impacted the normal admission schedule of the engineering college. The IIT-JEE was supposed to be held in the early April of 2020 but now due to pandemic as well as new registrations, the exams will be held later in July. Earlier the JEE Mains results used to be out by June ending, delayed heavily. All further classes and institutional exams are delayed till the time this dilemma resolves. And since all options abroad are terminated, Indian students are opting for inland colleges.

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