DU has written to all of its colleges, requesting that they undertake a poll of students who have lost parents to the coronavirus. We’ve asked for a report on the situation by Monday

All students who have lost one or both parents to Covid-19 will be eligible for fee waivers from DU. Acting Vice-Chancellor P C Joshi made the statement during a prayer meeting in memory of the DU community members who died as a result of the illness.

During his speech, Joshi revealed that Covid had killed more than 50 teaching and non-teaching members of the university in the previous two months. Political Science Department Head Veena Kukreja, Joint Registrar Sudhir Sharma, and former dean examinations Vinay Gupta were among the leading teachers and officials that died during this time. “We lost folks in the university and colleges one after the other. We’ve all been affected in some way. More than 50 members of the academic community have died. Our students’ parents have also passed away… All costs for those who have lost their parents will be waived, and I will inform all principals, said Joshi.

Meanwhile, the institution will begin open book online tests for all final-year students on Monday, which have been postponed twice due to the Covid spike. These were supposed to start last month, but they didn’t. Those who might have experienced connectivity issues or troubles taking an online exam were given the option of sitting for an offline exam by the university. All pupils, on the other hand, have chosen the online approach.

The Delhi government wholly or partially funds 28 colleges, including 12 that are wholly sponsored by the municipal administration. “We appreciate the initiative,” said the principal of one of the Delhi government-funded colleges. Once the varsity has made its decision, we will forward it to our governing body for approval. We’ll need to get it approved by the governing body because we’re a Delhi government-funded college and it’s a financial problem.”

Rajesh Giri, the principal of Rajdhani College, revealed that during the second wave, 30 children lost one or both of their parents, but the first wave saw no such catastrophe. “Our students have also prepared a Google form for students, and the cost waiver will be extended to individuals who apply for admission in the upcoming academic session. They will be required to provide a copy of their parents’ death certificates. During the first wave, the college offered all students a fee reduction of Rs 2,010,” he said.

The principal of Aryabhaytta College, Manoj Sinha, stated that they will follow the varsity’s decision. “We will contribute our bit, and this will be our societal contribution,” said the group. A Pupils Fee Concession and Scholarship Committee has been constituted to identify the students. We’re attempting to assist the students. He remarked, “We reached out to several of the NGOs that helped the kids during the first wave.” After a screening, a Mumbai-based NGO chose to entirely sponsor the education of five female college students, he noted. Manoj Khanna, the principal of Ramjas College, expressed his gratitude for the decision. “We will await official notification and, when and when it arrives, we will make our decision,” he said.

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