Fast cars and industries; the discipline carved from steel and the quiet world of some of the world’s richest and hardest working minds, driven by tech – these are just of few of Germany’s favourite things! If you are looking to carve a niche in the world of technology, you may as well start young. Study abroad in Germany to make your tech dreams come true and remain in touch with cutting edge technology while it is happening – that is the advantage you will receive when you park yourself here in a bid to study abroad.

Most of the students wish to study abroad and choose to go to UK, USA or New Zealand. To study abroad is not merely a decision that enhances your skills but also help you choose from a wider range of subjects. In the recent times, Germany is one of the most tech savvy option to study abroad. Its versatile courses attracts not only automobile students but also persuades students who wish to pursue computer science, fashion, economics, business and many more.

There are numerous opportunities that are provided by the German universities that fascinate an enormous tribe of Indian tech students who wish to attain gainful knowledge and educational qualifications. With brilliant education and job opportunities, it also provides a cheap cost of living, making it easy for many to study abroad. In Germany, the magnitude of unemployment has also reduced over the years making it one of the best study abroad alternative.

Medical science:

Students from medical fields have a big plus point since Germany offers first-class medical and dentistry courses. This is the perfect option for those who want to study abroad and practice abroad too. In Germany, there are no ranks of education, i.e. the degrees are not classified into bachelors or masters. Instead the courses are 6 years long and receive high consideration once completed. Various universities support this course and even provide one of the highest salaries once obtained – with an average annual salary of €79,000.

Industrial engineering :

Numerous German universities like the university of Clausthal, technical university of Ilmenau and many others that sit along the Rhine, ready to bring you the perfect campus for research and innovation. These universities provide amazing opportunities for students who are interested in creating a future in industrial engineering. Since Germany doesn’t charge anything as tuition fee, a huge population of students apply in German universities to attain higher education and to study abroad. The annual income provided after completing the course reaches to €60000, which by any means, can be considered as a good income.


German universities are best known for their appealing courses in the field of law and civil studies – this is a lesser known fact! Many universities and institutions combine classroom learning and practical learning to give better experiences to students. This makes the students well aware and educated and is especially helpful for those who want to study abroad. Practical knowledge surely increases experience , increasing the chances of getting highly paid.

Computer science:

Germany in today’s time know as the most developed business and digitalized European country which is why many students look here when they want to study abroad. Mostly all universities excel in digital marketing and many computer related courses opening gateways for students in this very profession. Students earn about €60000 per year after completing their education from German universities.

Psychology :

Students get incredible opportunities in the widespread field of human psychology, organizational psychology , clinical psychology etc. in German universities. The human resource course are beautifully inscribed into 3 big careers of applied psychology. Students gain experience as well as earn an annual income of about €57000 yearly.

Students are provided with excellent job opportunities while studying in German universities and institutions. Germany is not only reasonable but also provides quality education at minimal costs for those who want to study abroad. There are many other fields where German Universities turn out future leaders. If anyone has keen interest in studying language and literature, Germany is worth a try too. The tuition fees is not applicable for the students who have already attained their bachelors degree from any university worldwide. You can also instantly get a job with a valuable degree from this country. 

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