Often in life, we find ourselves in the dilemma of choosing when we have options. Career counselling is just one area that fixes just one area – there may be many more! Be it choosing between two flavors of your ice-cream or your career choices. We are usually in a fix when we are given choices. That’s when we need an opinion which is where career counselling steps in. For obvious reasons, the career counsellor will not help us in the ice cream flavor dilemma but will give us clarity about what would be best suited for us and how we can achieve the same, in terms of our career.

Counselling is an extremely broad term. Under the term of counselling, the process of helping a person by providing guidance, moral support, and exploring solutions fall in. 

Career Counselling is a series of sessions that simply focuses on helping one’s self. That includes their work trends to make decisions about career and education. A career counsellor helps you deal with a different scope of issues for example, trust issues with the family to non-agreement between parents and children, low self-esteem, and poor time management. Interns also need a sense of direction and other aspirations be it for JEE or IIM or even Delhi University or those looking to study abroad, need to find the right way to get there. In fact, career counselling can also help you recognise your resources and match them with your overall plan so that you to the right place at the right time! Career counsellors attempt to help people deal with their agony and enable them to use this pain to help others, especially during these uncertain times of COVID 19 that has caused many delays and cancellations. All the while, individuals can heal themselves and make social commitments. A few people naturally wrestle with the dispute that each biography begins with pain.

People often ask why we need a career counsellor. At some point in time in life, we do need guidance. It helps us in getting on track with our careers. Below are a few points on how the career counsellor helps one.

Helps pick the right career
Career counselling is practiced by counsellors who are specialists at evaluating your fitness, personality, character, interests, and other parts of you. They use this assessment to suggest the best choices from all the applicable and accessible ones. Career counselling gives access to the assets and information that the career counsellor possesses. This knowledge on careers, their scopes and the road to pursue them are the most important from the perspective of a parent and youngster, since the greater part of the occasions, parents don’t have that sort of information.

Provides a role model
Career counselling causes the students to connect with specialists who have enough life experience to share. They are the perfect examples who have achieved a lot and helped individuals throughout their lives. This is why career counselling can fill in as a motivation for the individuals who require it.

Helps bring stability
The role of a career counsellor is to help you keep calm when decisions like career opting come in. Counselling helps in focusing and maintaining the same thought throughout your daily activities. This is possible when the counselee gets a proper schedule and plan and make their lives organized.

Career counselling is not a piece of general advice about your career or courses. This does not happen in a short period which involves a lot of patience and effort. You will not get jobs through career counselling, but it will help you focus on what you have been trying to get.

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