The board exams for this year have been cancelled. In the recent months following the onset and the drastic spread of the COVID 19 virus, there was much confusion about whether or not the board exams would be held this year. While there was a statement last month regarding the delay of the board exams until the 15th of July, many parents got together to petition against the decision in the Supreme Court. The parents wanted the board exams cancelled so that the children would be kept safe from the possible contraction of the deadly corona virus.

The board exams have been one of the major topics of discussions which has given rise to much stress and uncertainty. The CBSE board even went forth and ensured that counselling would be a mandatory feature for students so that they would cope with the delays and the possible cancellations. Now, the verdict is in and the board exams have been cancelled even though the CBSE board is yet to pronounce a statement regarding the same.

Yet, this cancellation has done little to put an end to all the uncertainty and stress of the students. This is also due to the fact that re examination will not be allowed for those who wanted to sit for the exam. The ICSE and CBSE board exams have been cancelled by the Supreme Court and some students are still wondering if the cancellation makes the exams options or if it is a blanket cancellation. This will also affect the fate of those who were to sit for entrance examinations or even apply to colleges abroad.

This may not be the best news for those who were confident of getting good marks. This has also pushed back the dates of many entrance exams like JEE and even the medical entrance exams. The students who had been diligently preparing for the board exams and the entrance exams are now unsure of what they would have to do with this academic session considering the cancellation and the uncertain delays. Would they have the option to appear for the exams later or is the entire academic year cancelled? Will this also mean that they would have to repeat a year or simply go forth and get promoted or get their results based on the results of the pre boards?

These are the questions in the hearts and minds of the students who had to appear for the board exams that have now been cancelled. Many students are also wondering whether or not they will be judged on the basis of their internal assessment. In all the confusion, there are many people who say that the board exams should not have been cancelled and that the EdTech sector should have been properly built up to ensure that the students could take the board exams online.

In all the uncertainty and the pandemic times, the only thing left to be seen is what kind of education and career opportunities will be left in front of these young students and how the government or the boards will make up for the cancellation of the board exams.

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