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Edumate.tv, best described by its tagline - FROM HIGHER TO HIRE is committed to addressing critical gaps between schools and universities and then universities and corporates.

Various Affiliates of Edumate.TV

1. PRIDE (Public Relations in Developing Education) is a Public Relations service, specifically aimed at understanding your need and further connecting you and your faculty to the most relevant media publications. This process is handled strategically and creatively by highlighting your achievements both regularly and through specific events.

2. HOOKS (Helping Outreach in Organisations through Knowledge Symposiums) is a knowledge-based symposium which inculcates a wide variety of web-based programs. To name a few, THE WISE CHANCELLOR, PRINCIPALS DO MATTER, GUIDE N SEEK, CLASS OF 2022, MASTER CLASS, and TOP CLASS are few of the most informational programs that are offered.

3. ECSEL (Engaging Creatively with Schools through Enhanced Learning) is a unique way of sparking engagement in students via a variety of competitive programs. These programs also include activities such as quizzes, debates, essay writing competitions and much more.

4. NEP (Nations Enterprising Principals) is a region-wise felicitation ground event which honors school leaders of different areas, for their eminent contribution to the Education sector.

5. JOBS (Join Organisations with Befitting Students) is a service aimed at bringing a variety of corporate organisations to your campus and strengthening job placements. This helps students target and accomplish competitive job role, suitable to their profile.

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