As of 21st May 2020, there are 542 medical colleges in India, with the capacity to train more than 60,000 at the under graduate level. This requires a focus on medical entrance tests! Last year, almost 7 lakh students appeared for All India level medical exam. So now you can well imagine the competition level. If you are aspiring to become a doctor and you are sure about it then NOW is the right time for you to start your preparation to crack the medical entrance exams in the first attempt.  

The first and the foremost thing one needs to understand is the level on which they will be evaluated. Whatever the examiners are evaluating, the answer to it is profound and explicit at the same time. The exam examines how well one understands the particular subject. The students need to approach and find the solution to the question just the way he/she will while diagnosing a patient. Now that you know what an examiner is looking for, we will get into the steps on how to make sure that your exam goes on smoothly.

Here are a few tips:

Start early

A lot of students generally ask as to what is the best time to start the preparation. Once you know your destination of being a doctor, make sure you start reading and making notes from the time you decide to give your entrance.

Prepare yourself mentally

When you are committing to something, you need to make sure you give your hundred percent in everything, be it the preparation, the hard-work and the smart-work.

Subject wise preparation

Whenever you study, make sure you complete one subject thoroughly at a time. You need to be organised in a way that all your subjects get completed and you get time for your revision.

Smart work

Smart work is equally important as hard work. It was found that students focus more on memorizing the concepts instead or understanding them. That has to change.

Say no to all nighters

Refrain yourself from pulling off an entire night to night. This makes you lethargic. Take breaks while studying. The best time to study is the morning.

Group Study

When it comes to studying, group studying helps a lot. It has proven that when like-minded students or aspirants’ study together, it makes your time more productive, since you do not get stuck at any point. You have someone or the other to help you out. This process encourages to study harder.

Stay motivated

It becomes very easy for you to get demoralized in the middle of your preparations. You can get bored, pulled down due to pressure, stress out. All you need to do is keep yourself away from any negativity. Take long breaks if needed, go for a walk or a jog to feel pumped etc.

Practice, test papers, revisions and more revisions are the most important factors when it comes to cracking the entrance exam. The more you practice and revise, it becomes easier you to attempt questions which a flinch. 

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