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AIIMS Jharkhand Foundation Laid by PM Today

July the 13th will forever be a life changing date in the history of Jharkhand. Continuing with the policy of transformative education that takes Indian ethos further into education, PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation for AIIMS Jharkhand today.

Short History of AIIMS: What is AIIMS?

AIIMS Jharkhand follows a brilliant institution that follows teacher led, student first, practice based teaching for the field of medicine. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences Act helped in establishing the AIIMS institute in 1956. The very first of its kind, the AIIMS institute educates and heals simultaneously with what is possibly the biggest body and network of teachers, professionals and students in the history of medical science. To get into this rather coveted institute, students study day and night for years in order to crack the competitive exam. The AIIMS Jharkhand institute would be one of the rare institutes to carry on this tradition. The only other AIIMS institute in our country has so far been established and is successfully running for over 6 six decades, in New Delhi.

AIIMS Jharkhand: Making Medical History

The AIIMS Jharkhand institute is all set to make medical history thanks to the fact that it is the first to branch out from New Delhi. The fact that Jharkhand was chosen is all the more historic since it is on path to become an industrial hub of the country. The PM Shri Narendra Modi said in his comments on the occasion, “In line with our commitment of providing top-quality healthcare services like IPD and OT at AIIMS, Deoghar, will be inaugurated.” (As quoted by NDTV)

Facilities and What to Expect

The hospital and institute will be the largest of its kind as it will continue the tradition of teaching and practicing. The main features and facilities would include a state of the art operation theatre for a number of different kinds of procedures to happen simultaneously. At the same time, the In Patient Department will ensure that there is a constant flow of patients who will be looked after and healed to the best of the abilities of the teachers, students and the medical staff on the campus.

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