SheRNI Initiative Launched by UGC to Empower Women Scientists and Faculty Members
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SheRNI Initiative Launched by UGC to Empower Women Scientists and Faculty Members

The University Grants Commission’s Information and Library Network Centre has announced the launch of the She Research Network India (SheRNI), a ground-breaking effort aiming at establishing gender equality among scientists and faculty. According to the UGC, the SheRNI website is set to connect 81,818 profiles of Indian women working in science and research disciplines. This platform enables female scientists and academic members to build strong professional networks that promote collaboration, mentorship, and possibilities for progress. The SheRNI program aims to empower women professionals by establishing meaningful alliances, boosting collaboration, and offering assistance, resulting in progress across multiple areas.

About SheRNI

She Research Network in India (SheRNI) is the expert profile network system that connects and leverages the knowledge, skills, and expertise of women across various fields in India. This system aims to empower women by providing opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing. The objectives of this project are to create a national-level expert profile system for women faculty members and facilitate the exchange of expertise, insights, and experiences among women experts in diverse fields.

The system supports women scientists and faculty members to build a strong professional network that fosters collaboration, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities. The SheRNI expert network system serves as a dynamic platform for women professionals to connect, collaborate, and empower each other, ultimately contributing to the advancement of women in various fields.

SheRNI Database

The SheRNI Database provides insights into a treasure trove of knowledge, showing women’s substantial contributions to research. Currently, the database includes biographies of 81,818 female academic members, demonstrating their significant influence. Furthermore, it includes a large collection of 675,313 papers and 11,543 patents, underscoring women’s critical role in advancing scientific development and promoting innovation.

The UGC stated on X that SheRNI by UGC-INFLIBNET is an expert profile network system that connects over 81,000 active female researchers and scientists engaged in knowledge development across multiple fields.

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