Importance of Preparing Students for Joining the Global Workforce.
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The Future is Global: Expert-Led Webinar on the Importance of Preparing Students for Joining the Global Workforce

On July 4th, Edumate. tv convened another thought-provoking webinar addressing the urgent and critical issue of youth unemployment in India on the theme: Importance of Preparing Students for Joining the Global Workforce.

The discussion was moderated by Chetan Sharma, founder of, who brought together leading voices in education to explore the importance of preparing students for joining the global workforce, how to bridge the gap between what students are learning and the skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic global job market.

The distinguished education experts who served as panelists were Mr. Subhakar Alapati, Founder and Director of Global Tree; Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa, Director Principal, Manav Rachna International School; Dr. N.V.Sarat Chandran, Director of Doon Public Group of School; Dr.Sangeet Arora, Principal, Kothari International School; Dr.Renu Sehgal, Principal G.D.Goenka Public School; Ms. Sonali Rawat, Principal, Bluebells International School; and, Dr.Kiran Dalal, Principal, Bright Scholar Sr. Secondary School.

Chetan Sharma set the stage by highlighting a striking paradox: “India, as the world’s oldest civilization and largest democracy, faces a unique challenge. Despite having a youthful population, over fifty percent of them are unemployed. Meanwhile, nations with aging populations could benefit from this very youth. The solution lies in providing them with the skills that today’s globalized world requires.

Stating this, he welcomed the renowned educationist Subhakar Alapati, Founder and Director of Global Tree, who emphasized the vast opportunities awaiting Indian youth. “This is a golden age for India,” he declared, igniting a sense of pride. “As the world grapples with aging populations, young Indians have the potential to fill the void and become global forces and leaders, inspiring a sense of motivation in the audience,” he added.

Alapati underscored schools’ crucial role in preparing students for the global stage. “Schools must equip students with the latest technologies, language skills, and a deep understanding of international corporate needs,” he stressed. He proposed collaborative programs with Edumate. Tv to foster global citizenship in young minds. Sharma echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of involving principals in this initiative.

Moving ahead, the Director of Doon Public Group of School, Sarat Chandran, illuminated the importance of soft skills and cultural awareness for Indian students aiming for global success. “Adapting to different cultural norms is crucial,” he explained, stressing the need for a holistic approach to education. Also, he added, “Effective communication is equally important. Many graduates cannot present themselves well. This holistic approach to education is crucial for global competitiveness.

The conversation then shifted to curriculum reform. Sharma invited Dr.Renu Sehgal, Principal G D Goenka Public School, to share her views. Goenka emphasized the need to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. “Our new education policy provides a platform to cultivate these skills from the foundational stage,” she stated. Her school, GD Goenka, has embraced experiential and competency-based learning for over a decade, focusing on individualized learning styles and nurturing each child’s unique potential.

Goenka acknowledged the need to develop emotional and social skills alongside academic rigor. She stressed the importance of soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills, which are vital for global competitiveness. She also emphasized the need for ongoing teacher development, particularly in artificial intelligence and vocational skills.

The webinar later explored the role of international schools in fostering a global perspective. Chetan Sharma shared how Edumate TV made a strategic shift, which led to winning 23 national and international awards. He attributed the success to embracing the international approach; highlighting this, he welcomed another speaker, Dr. Sangeeta Arora, Principal of Kothari International School. She discussed the benefits of international programs, competitions, and cultural exchange initiatives. She highlighted her school’s online coding competitions, open to students across various time zones and creating a truly global experience.

Following Dr. Arora, Kiran Dalal, another speaker, championed the integration of “Syndicate activities,” where students from different age groups collaborate on projects. She emphasized the importance of fostering global citizenship through understanding differences and working together.

Another panelist, Sonali Rawat, Principal of Blue Bells International School, added financial literacy to the list of essential skills for young people navigating the global workforce. She underscored the value of student exchange programs in fostering cultural understanding.

Ecohing to the speakers’ statements, Chetan Sharma said, “We are committed to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals by providing personalized coaching and mentorship, and as we continue to work towards making education better, we have Global Tree, one such great platform that is committed to providing students with personalized guidance on university selection, visa applications, and relocation services. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping students make informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.” said Chetan Sharma.

He concluded this insightful webinar with a call to action, urging educators, policymakers, and industry leaders to work together to address the challenges faced by India’s youth and empower them for the global workforce.

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