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Little to No Cost Initiatives for Colleges to Enhance Student Life

In higher education, budget constraints often challenge colleges to maintain dynamic and enriching experiences for students. It’s crucial to implement strategic, no cost initiatives that can significantly enhance student engagement and positively impact the educational atmosphere, proving invaluable for both student life and institutional health. List of no cost initiatives for colleges[Read More…]

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Half and Half Not

Whose Job is it?

Whose job is it to create jobs—the government, industry, or the education system whose finished products (students) are largely unemployed? The fact is that the world’s youngest country by population is confronted with the world’s oldest problem—how to make a living!

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The Rise and Fall of Byju's: A Lesson in Startup Growth and Challenges

The Rise and Fall of Byju’s: A Lesson in Startup Growth and Challenges

Byju’s, led by billionaire CEO Byju Raveendran, emerged as a symbol of India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, promising to revolutionize education delivery in schools and colleges. With its innovative blend of online and offline educational courses, Byju’s skyrocketed to a staggering valuation of $22 billion in 2022, captivating learners across the[Read More…]

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