The New Normal – Education After COVID Pandemic

Students will write a petition to the president protesting the UGC’s blended education model

This petition against blended Education was initiated by the All India Forum to Save Public Education, an umbrella organisation comprised of student delegates from diverse organisations such as the Students’ Federation of India, Chhatra RJD, and JNUSU Several students have objected to the University Grants Commission’s Blended Education, with the[Read More…]

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The National Association of Teachers opposes the UGC’s announcement on blended learning

The All India Federation of University and College Teachers’ Organization (AIFUCTO) has expressed its opposition to the University Grants Commission’s (UGC’s) new announcement permitting universities to use a blended method of teaching and learning Teacher organisations in Kerala have spoken out against the UGC’s decision to enable higher education institutions[Read More…]

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In India, e-learning is a case of poor education

The unique coronavirus outbreak threw the traditional educational system into disarray, pushing students all across the world to switch to a e-learning approach Education is one area where the Covid-19 epidemic has demonstrated that we can achieve in a variety of ways. To combat the pandemic, schools, colleges, and universities[Read More…]

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