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Eduvanz: Is Indeed Making Education Accessible

Eduvanz, a Mumbai Based Startup Makes Educational Loans Easier What often constrains students, learners, and parents, considering the availability of learning resources at all levels today, is the lack of simple, quick, and inexpensive financial assistance. Eduvanz, based in Mumbai, was founded in September 2016 by Varun Chopra, Raheel Shah[Read More…]

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Budget 2021 and Education: Breakthroughs and Setbacks

Budget 2021 in Education Sector Recieves Mixed Responses In its Budget Estimate (BE) 2021-22, the Union Budget 2021 provided a 6.1 percent lower allocation (than Budget 2020) of Rs 93,224.31 crore allocation to the Ministry of Education. The overall allowance for school education stood at Rs 54,873.66 crore and for higher[Read More…]

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